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-Concert on the Commons - Yam Haus

08/21/2021 - 6:00pm

It stays agnostic to our differences and brings us together. Yam Haus invite everyone into the embrace of their neon-hued, dancefloor-tailored alternative pop. The Minneapolis quartet-Lars Pruitt [lead vocals], Jake Felstow [drums], Zach Beinlich [bass], and Seth Blum [guitar]-fuse together intimate songcraft with stadium-size ambition. After independently amassing nearly 15 million total views and streams, playing to sold out crowds at legendary venues such as First Avenue, and building a fervent fanbase, they instantly captivate on their second full-length album in 2021.

"The 'Yam' in our name stands for 'You are me'," explains Jake. "It's our take on treating people well and with empathy. At our live shows, we want anyone to feel like they're welcome. It's a space where you don't have to look a certain way or belong to a certain group. You can just dance and let loose."

"Personally, we try to live by 'You are me'," adds Seth. "It informs so much of what we do as a band. We're friends first and musicians second. We've worked really hard to support each other. That's our biggest strength. Hopefully, it bleeds into how we support listeners and how they support one another. Being committed to people you care about is a cool thing. I'm grateful my island consists of these three guys. It's a big piece of our identity."


Teton Village