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Experiencing the Great American Solar Eclipse

Experiencing the Great American Solar Eclipse
1 Sep 2017
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Hello everyone!  I’m Stacey Groff, Reservations Agent at Jackson Hole Resort Lodging.  For 2 years we’ve anticipated August 21st, 2017, the day of the Great American Solar Eclipse, and it finally happened!  I thought it was a great coincidence that I would be in Jackson Hole, WY, during this exciting event.  I was definitely excited to watch the show with my work family and all the Eclipse seeking guests, but the actual Eclipse totality was so much more than all the “diamond” and half-moon photos I had seen on the internet.  

On the day of the Eclipse, I headed up the Sweetwater Gondola.  There were friends and families spread out underneath the Casper lift to enjoy the show.  The partial eclipse began around 10:30 am and as it continued to cover the sun, daylight slowly disappeared and the sky turned a deep blue.  A breeze picked up and the temperature began to rapidly drop without warning.  As the full eclipse started to take form,  crowds broke out with cheering and clapping.  At 11:30am we found ourselves with dark blue skies overhead, a vibrant orange and pink sunset in the distance and a faint ring of light glowing around the silhouette of the moon.  It was eerily quiet as everyone watched in awe and all of the animals seemed like they were settling for the “evening”.  I had no idea I would literally feel the Eclipse!

In addition to the hundreds of guest who came to the village to watch the event, the Weather Channel broadcasted live from the top of the Tram and Red Bull featured  Alex Mason crossing Corbet’s Couloir on a slackline during totality.  (And yes, he did make it across safely with some amazing photos in tow.)  Concert on the Commons, featuring Pinky and the Floyd, finished up the day with Dark Side of the Moon. Watching the Eclipse from Teton Village was a truly special and memorable moment at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

I was so glad to be a part of this wonderful event and will remember it forever!