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Springtime in the Tetons

Springtime in the Tetons.
24 Apr 2018
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Hi, I am Nate Owens from the JHRL team. Now that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is closed after an incredible winter season, we can look forward to warmer days and springtime in the Tetons.

April is a month of transition and in many ways, the spring shoulder season in Jackson Hole is one of the best times to visit despite the sometimes unpredictable weather. Days are longer and the green grass paired with sunshine inspire new activities. I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite spring outings.

  • Biking in Grand Teton National Park. 

Each spring around the beginning of April, Grand Teton National Park starts to plow the main interior roads and allowing people to use them for non-motorized recreation.  People can go the entire road from the Taggart Lake trailhead to Signal Mountain Lodge and back on rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards etc. and you can even bring your dog along for the day so long as you keep him leashed! This opportunity in Grand Teton National Park is brief and lasts only a few weeks until mid-May when the roads re-open to cars. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity!  

  • Local Restaurants promote off-season specials.

Another great feature of the off season in Jackson Hole is dining. Many restaurants offer two-for-one specials on their entrees including such local favorites as The Wort, The Blue Lion and Gather. And all of the Fine Dining establishments including the popular Rendezvous Bistro and Kitchen offer the 2nd entrée for just $2.00 with all of those proceeds going to local non-profit organizations. Learn more about off season specials here

  • Enjoy Town Square all to yourself. 

The April-May solitude around the Town Square offers a great opportunity to peruse the shops, lounge at a corner coffee shop, visit local art galleries, and maybe get an ice cream or treat from a local establishment. Take the time to experience the town and see it in a whole new way as you meander around the boardwalks of Jackson Hole. 

  • Take a jaunt down the Elk Refuge Road.

As the weather in Jackson Hole begins to warm and the snow begins to melt, the animals in our beloved valley are on the move! The Elk Refuge road on the far eastern border of town offers incredible opportunities to view this wildlife while either walking, running, or driving down this winding dirt road. It’s quite common to spot elk, pronghorn, big horned sheep and maybe even a wolf while going on an adventure down this popular road. Everyone likes animals and this is a great time to see them!

These are just a small sampling of the many reasons I have come to enjoy the spring off-season here in Jackson Hole. If you are able to plan a trip and come out here to visit us during this time period you will be rewarded with some unique opportunities for recreation that are only available during this time period. We hope to see you soon!