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Goggles for Docs

Goggles for Docs
22 Apr 2020
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If you live in a ski town or keep up with ski town news, chances are you’ve heard of Goggles for Docs by now. For those of you who haven’t, Goggles for Docs is a nationwide campaign to collect new or used ski goggles for healthcare workers that lack eye protection when treating COVID-19 patients. 

Mountain towns across the country are organizing drop-off locations for locals to easily donate their goggles and support the cause. Here in Jackson, regional coordinators for the organization have set up seven drop-off bins across the valley at the following local business.

When the goggles are collected from the drop-off locations, they are shipped to a hospital that registered with Goggles for Docs.  As of Tuesday, April 14th over 28,000 goggles have been donated to hospitals across the country. See the full list of registered hospitals here.

If you decide to dig out your old ski goggles to donate, there are a few easy steps to prepare your goggles for drop-off. Watch how to get your goggles ready for donation here HERE. Skip to 2:30 for specific details on sanitation and cleaning. Note: Goggles with clear lenses, tinted lenses, or a few scratches are all acceptable!

To help kick-off our local Jackson Hole Mountain Resort donation, JH Sports donated 49 pairs of new Anon goggles worth over $5,000. These goggles were sent to Abington Jefferson Hospital in Langhorne, PA earlier this week. Thank you JH Sports! 

Wondering how you can participate if your town or city doesn’t have a drop-off location? Goggles for Docs has a step by step guide on how to pick a hospital in need, prepare your goggles, and ship them. Check it out here and dig deep into your gear shed, closet or garage for those old goggles!

We salute all of the healthcare workers and citizens on the front lines during this pandemic, and we hope this effort provides some support from Jackson Hole.