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A January Worth Remembering

A January Worth Remembering
20 Jan 2020
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Here in Teton Village at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort we have been engulfed in a winter snow globe. As we look back on the first two weeks of January, everyone is in reminiscence after one of the greatest pow weeks of all time. This is not your regular snow globe where you tip it over, set it down and eventually all the snow settles. Know, this is a magical snow globe where the snow rarely stops falling from the blizzarding skies. This is the land of never-ending powder.

In this magical land there thrive elusive Powder Spirits. You will catch them here and there silently swishing past you in the cover of spraying soft snow and snow blanketed trees. One with the snow-laden environment, these creatures keep the snow gods appeased and bring with them MORE SNOW.

The keywords here are “snow” and “powder” and “powder snow”. Since the veil of powder arrived two weeks ago, there was no end in sight…until today. One day of mountain bluebird skies and our next storm will be blowing in. Only the well-seasoned Powder Spirits are surviving as others fall off in a powder snow coma. Dr. EatsSnow and Principle FaceShots suggest taking half days of rest here and there, but always get your daily dose of the freshies. Really the only cure to snow coma is more skiing and riding.  

It’s amazing in all of this dumpage that the Lifties keep the lifts turning. Every day, they too rise before the sun, un-trench themselves from their abodes making their way to the Teton Village. Most of them have a lineage stretching back into Snow Spirit ancestry. Others, such as the Groomers, are perfectly happy to see their hard work laid to ruin under the continued hourly inches of snow and powdered snow. No complaints can be heard at the resort. Just sound of glee, soft whispers of delight and muffled laughter as the sound is swallowed by the soft blankets of the lightest freshly-powdered gnar gnar this year.

As children flung themselves off of cliffs into the powder pillows, parents wistfully observed until they too were flinging themselves into snowblivion. And know, we don’t want it to stop. We want it to just keep snowing. Being in the snow globe of the Tetons, there is a good chance it won’t stop; can’t stop. Nope, not until April. We welcome you to join us. Become a part of our world and the spirit of the snow globe by booking your stay with Jackson Hole Resort Lodging. Book online using our Powder Package promotion Source code: PKG Powder or our Kids Ski Free saving you on lift passes and gear when booking by calling us at 800.443.8613 or by booking form our website at We are the mountain.   

You too can experience this snow globe we call home! Contact us today, or 800.443.8613 to make reservations. Visit our website to see what options await.