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Local's Guide to a Day in Jacskon

Local's Guide to a Day in Jacskon
18 May 2017
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Hi, I'm Rob from JHRL's team. Summer is here and I am ready! That’s what I keep thinking to myself as I look toward the sun on the Grand Teton rising 13,770 feet above the valley floor. Full disclosure: While I work for Jackson Hole Resort Lodging in Teton Village and love to snowboard, I’m a Florida boy at heart! What’s the old adage? Take the boy out of the swamp (or something like that…). Anyway, back to my point, I like the sunshine! After almost 600” of amazing snowfall this winter, it’s finally time to relish the sunny summertime in the Tetons.

Last edition, my co-worker, Sam, highlighted some amazing activities she can't wait to experience in Jackson Hole for her first summer and it's an awesome list! Maybe because I am from Florida but I love activities on/around the water. My favorites are paddle boarding around String Lake (which is where I proposed to my wonderful wife) in Grand Teton National Park and jumping off the 20-foot rock into the glacier-fed Phelps Lake five miles up the road from Teton Village. The rock seems intimidating at first...but after seeing a handful of whatever-age-three-and-a-half-feet-tall-is jump off in front of you, you’ll have to save face and take the plunge because you cannot be outdone! Sometimes my wife and I bring some traditional beverages, a bite to eat and make a picnic out of it another highlight of that area. We are always mindful of our footprint in the national park, though: pack it in, pack it out.

Having lived in the valley for more than ten years, I always tell guests that my favorite part of staying in Teton Village is its proximity to Grand Teton National Park (GTNP). The ‘back door’ to GTNP, the Moose-Wilson entrance, is definitely my favorite way into the park. Travelling on a dirt road for a few miles into the park always makes the adventure seem that much more exciting! Again...Florida boy forever.

Guest often ask me what I do on my day off. My ideal summer day off would probably follow something along these lines: Wake up early(ish) inside of the massive Granite Ridge Homestead 3072, check this place out, meet up with family and friends and head over at the Bodega for coffee and a breakfast burrito. Then, we would pick up some sandwiches, snacks and some cold beverages and drive a quick mile north to the Moose-Wilson entrance of the park (saving the city of Jackson for another day) and make our way up the dirt road towards the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve--the trailhead for Phelps Lake! You have to keep your eyes peeled...there’s usually a moose along the creek to the right side of the road as well a giant beaver dam! Once at the Phelps Lake trailhead, we would take the trail a couple of miles to the lake--at the lake, we would take the loop north (right) and keep hiking another mile or so. Eventually, we’ll stumble upon this massive rock and a mix of people waiting to take the 20 foot drop into the icy water...all way back in the middle of a national park. Pretty neat, right?

My favorite day and can be yours too! It doesn’t end there…once you’ve had your adrenaline rush, you should find a spot to eat your lunch and enjoy the stunning views of the lake, the Tetons, Death Canyon and all the wonder that is Wyoming. Had enough? Of course not, it’s never enough! But getting into the afternoon, time to put the long Wyoming summer daylight to good use! Head back out of the park to go explore Mormon Row! Mormon Row includes the T.A. Moulton Barn, built back in the early 1900’s. Hopefully your cameras and phones have some battery left because you will want to take, at the very least, a selfie or ten!

Next, slowly wind your way back to Teton Village, home sweet home after a day of adventure.

JHRL can help provide your home base for these and other adventures. Many of our vacation rentals come equipped with a grill, so if relaxing outdoors and grilling sound like as outstanding of an idea to you as it does to me, make sure to stop by the Aspens Market and pick up some meat and veggies to throw on the grill. Depending on the time of day and which condo everyone is staying in, definitely send the kids to play in the pool, hot tub or back yard while the big kids wind down and relax outside. Pool and hot tub access is a great amenity for almost all of our vacation rental properties.

If grilling isn’t necessarily on your radar, stop by the office I can be bribed into grilling with food and drink. In the off-chance I’m not working, Il Villagio Osteria is certainly one of my favorite places to dine at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. No matter what you order at this delectable northern Italian eatery, do yourself a favor and get the fried brussel sprouts with pomegranate. You’re welcome. Also not to be missed is Piste Mountain Bistro at the top of the Bridger Gondola- a stop also not to be missed. In fact, all of the activities at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort should be part of your itinerary when staying in Teton Village

At the end of the day...what more could you want in a vacation? A trip into the mountains, fresh water and bright sunshine, incredible accommodations, great food and amazing company. Sounds pretty perfect to me, in fact perfect enough to make me think I made the right decision moving out west all those years ago (even though I sometimes miss Florida-just even once in a while).

--Rob Weinstein